Bruce Springsteen dedicates song to Indian lawyer at Connecticut gig

New York: Bruce Springsteen dedicated his song ‘Death to My Hometown’ to Indian attorney Preet Bharara at his concert in Hartford, Connecticut on Thursday night.

Bharara has made a name for himself for going after Wall Street bankers and hedge fund managers.

He recently brought former Goldman Sachs board member Rajat Gupta, charged with insider trading and lying to investors, to justice.

“Send the robber baron’s straight to hell,” a leading daily has quoted Springsteen as singing.

“The greedy thieves that came around/And ate the flesh of everything they’ve found/Whose crimes have gone unpunished now/Walk the streets as free men now,” he sang.

No one was more surprised by the announcement than Bharara, who was sitting in the audience in Hartford, accompanied by his young son.

“All I could think was, my son for the first time thought his dad was really cool,” he said.

“It’s all a blur to me because I lost all my memory when he said my name,” he said about the concert.