Cher`s song` leaked, annoys singer

Los Angeles: This time hackers have targeted singer Cher`s duet with Lady Gaga and leaked it online. The former is disappointed and expressed it on Twitter.

The duo had been working on the track "The greatest thing" for almost a year now and were facing delay in the release due to various reasons, reports

Cher took to Twitter and wrote: "Just heard `The greatest thing`. It`s not even the right f**king version. Why do people think this kind of sh*t is okay! I`m so disappointed."

Recently Gaga had to hurry the release of her single "Applause" because it was leaked online.

"Disappointed (I`ve sat on f*king song for over a year). Now some as***le leaks wrong version! Gaga`s single is great and that`s all that matters," Cher further wrote.