Cheryl Cole lands $10 million recording deal

London: Popstar Cheryl Cole is set to double her fortune after signing a USD 10 million deal with recording label Universal.

The British singer`s latest album `Messy Little Raindrops` will be retailed in the US by the music giant, reported Sun online.

Top brass at Universal summoned the `Girls Aloud` star out of the blue on Sunday after new single `Promise This` hit number one in the UK charts.

The deal will also include at least two more albums.

The `X Factor` judge was squired around LA by good friend Derek Hough and she tried to keep out of sight in his car.

"Cheryl got a call from some very senior people at Universal saying they wanted to see her. They are the kind of people who when they say, `Jump`, you ask, `How high?," said a source close to the 27-year-old.

"So she jumped on a plane and went to LA for 36 hours. Derek was there to ferry her to and fro and give her support as these big execs can be quite scary," added the source.