China lifts three-year ban on Lady Gaga`s ARTPOP album

ANI| Updated: Jan 22, 2014, 15:03 PM IST

London: A ban imposed on Lady Gaga by Chinese government has been lifted, allowing her chart-topping new album `ARTPOP` to go on sale legally in the country.

The country`s authorities blacklisted the 27-year-old singer three years ago after the Culture Ministry deemed her collection a risk to the nation`s "cultural security", the Independent reported.

However, the new album, which is now available in China, has not completely escaped censorship.

One song titled, "Sexxx Dreams", has been changed to "X Dreams", while the album`s artwork has been improved to cover more of Gaga`s naked body.

Black tights have been added to her bare legs and a large ball has been inflated for modesty reasons.