China official stars in `Gangnam Style` tourism video

Beijing: A Chinese official has danced to the tune of Korean rapper PSY`s hit "Gangnam Style" in a tourism video designed to attract tourists from South Korea.

"Gangnam Style" went viral this year with his unique horse-riding dance.

The promotional video attracted attention from the Chinese online community after a tourism bureau official in straw clothing in the central province of Hunan was seen doing a local traditional dance, similar to the horse-riding dance.

Zheng Yaping, a deputy director with the Wulingyuan district, was accidentally chosen to play the role when he passed the location where the video was being shot. The crew needed an older man for the role.

"Although I am old, I have no problem in dancing such a dance," Zheng, 58, told state-run Xinhua news agency.

The video is designed to promote tourism particularly to South Korean visitors.

"Many of our overseas tourists are from South Korea and also, the music video `Gangnam Style` was created in South Korea," Zheng said.

"I just think that dancing a South Korean dance is one of the ways to extend the welcome to them," he said. PTI

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