Christina Aguilera`s new song leaks online

Los Angeles: A new track from singer Christina Aguilera`s upcoming album ‘Lotus’ has sprung up on the Internet.

The track entitled ‘Let There Be Love’, which can be heard online in full, is an upbeat, dance tune familiar with the singer`s pop-dance style.

The leaked single comes after the previously released tracks ‘Your Body’ and ‘Blank Page’.

Aguilera`s ‘Let There Be Love’ is a frenetically paced dance track complete with all the heavy post-production work.

The singer`s voice stands out in this song, which happens to be another creation by the hit producer group of Max Martin, Shellback, Savan Kotecha and Tiffany Amber. The four were also behind the album`s lead single, "Your Body".

Although ‘Let There Be Love’ is somewhat reminiscent of ‘Your Body’, the 31-year old singer from New York says that there is more than just her "dirty" side on the new album.

"Everything comes from a very sincere place, whether it`s about having fun or feeling vulnerable. I wanted it to resemble the rebirth of myself as a woman, embracing all things me at this stage in my life: Freedom, independence, excitement and just having fun," Aguilera said.