Church’ songs in English curriculum

London: Charlotte Church has joined the likes of Shakespeare and Jane Austen—her songs will be part of the curriculum of GCSE English exams in schools.

The singer’s use of language will be read in the same way previous generations studied the famous playwright and novelist.

Other names that are being introduced to the curriculum by Welsh examining board OCR Cymru from September include— TV newsreader Huw Edwards, rugby pundit Jonathan Davies and Gavin And Stacey star Ruth Jones.

The move was criticised as “dumbing down.”

“I don’t think many parents would think Charlotte Church is a good role model for young people,” the Daily Express quoted Nick Seaton, of the Campaign for Real Education, as saying.

But OCR Cymru boss Robin Hughes added: “It is one way of engaging pupils by identifying with personalities they know rather than dusty ones of the past.”