Cliff still looks like a rock star

London: Cliff Richards has lived nearly seven decades, but doesn’t look a day over 45.

The Peter Pan of Pop revealed a stunning physique of a 45-year-old for this October pose in his 2011 calendar – all thanks to a healthy lifestyle punctuated by the odd glass of wine and regular tennis and swimming.

The singer`s calendar is revealed as he prepares to release his latest album, ‘Bold As Brass’ on October 11 - more than half a century after his first one.

"People in the rock industry used to mock his clean living. Most of them are either bald or fat now. Or dead," News of the World quoted an insider as saying.

Sir Cliff, worth 50 million pounds, spends most of his time in Barbados. He owns a vineyard in the Algarve and will launch a new sparkling wine to mark his birthday.