Coldplay collaborated with Rihanna to modernise sound for new track

Washington: Coldplay is said to have collaborated with Rihanna for their new track ‘Princess of China’ to modernise their sound.

The British alternative rock band worked with the 23-year-old R and B recording artist, as they wanted to try mixing together different styles of music to fit in better with today’s pop landscape.

“Don’t you think that music now shouldn’t fall into a particular box? I don’t think anyone thinks like that anymore,” Contactmusic quoted Chris Martin, the lead vocalist, as saying.

“You don’t see so many goths, hippies, rockers and hip hoppers any more. People like Kanye West are changing the way we all listen and the internet.

“Look at Tinie Tempah. Just the song ‘Pass Out’ has about eight different types of music in it.

“This time, we’re on our fifth record, we’re all in our early to mid-30s so there’s an element of, ‘If we don’t make it now we’ve got to give up,” he added.


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