Cowell`s ‘X Factor’ ruining the music industry

London: Simon Cowell`s show ‘The X Factor’ is ruining the music industry, according to Irish band The Script.

The rock band say that the show is breeding artists like this year’s winner Matt Cardle, who are doomed to failure, reports the Daily Star.

Lead singer Danny O`Donoghue said: “How many years has it been on now and how many successful artist [have there been]? The diamonds are few and far between.”

“It’s easy to go from singing karaoke to being on the stage and being famous. The hard work is what’s important.”

Guitarist Mark Sheehan, who like Danny has been with the band since it formed in 1996, thinks Simon Cowell’s `fast track` to fame fails to prepare artists properly.

He said: “If you haven’t played smaller gigs and grown with those phases I don’t think you really understand what’s happening.

“I’m not sure those X Factor kids understand what’s going on. You can’t understand. So I actually feel sorry for them in a way.”