Danny O`donoghue wants to work with Jessie J

Updated: Sep 17, 2012, 09:04 AM IST

London: Irish singer Danny O`Donoghue is going to write a song with his fellow "Voice" judge Jessie J for her next album.

"Jessie was saying that lyrically on her next album she wants to articulate the break-up she went through, so I was like: Come to me. No one can write love songs like me," contactmusic.com quoted O`Donoghue as saying.

"I would love to write with her - her voice is incredible. She has the whole world in her hands," he added.

The 31-year-old also revealed recording `Hall of Fame` with his Will.i.am has been the highlight of his band`s career and has opened up big musical opportunities for the rockers.

``It was awesome. I`ve been a fan of his and The Black Eyed Peas for over 10 years. When I got `The Voice` I was really excited about befriending him. He`s all about the music, like me, and not pretentious. He loves our band too, so that`s really cool," he said.

"The collaboration with will.i.am has opened up a lot of doors for us. Tinie (Tempah) has been down to the studio; we just haven`t come up with the right song yet," he added.