David Bowie could release another new album, says Noel Gallagher

Updated: Apr 20, 2013, 12:54 PM IST

London: Noel Gallagher has revealed that David Bowie has recorded a load of extra tracks, which will be made into a follow-up.

The ex-Oasis star insisted that Bowie`s surprise comeback won`t stop at one album and he will release another one after ` The Next Day `, which was his first release in ten years.

Noel told Absolute Radio that according to people he has spoken to, there is another album in the pipeline with around 29 songs or something, the Sun reported.

Noel said he couldn`t put a date on when the new tracks will be releasedm insisting he doesn`t know what`s next for Bowie as he could disappear for another ten years or there could be another album.

"He might do the greatest tour of all time or he might never gig again. Who knows?" the 46-year-old musician said.

Noel, who was staggered about how good the album actually was, said that he doesn`t believe for a second that Bowie had thrown those songs together in two years.

He said that it sounds like a record that has been in the making for ten years and if it is, he admires the thin white duke even more.

Noel added that he genuinely puts Bowie up there with some of the greatest there has ever been, with Elvis, John Lennon and he thinks that the 66-year-old musician is easily in the top five of all-time songwriters.