Dolly Parton says friends and God kept her from being like Whitney

London: Dolly Parton has said that she didn’t end up in a similar situation as Whitney Houston because she surrounded herself with the ‘right people’. She said that Houston, despite having a spiritual upbringing like her, didn’t “make sure she was surrounded by the right people, and the right things”.

“I’ve always had good and close friends, and a spiritual faith. God will take the wrong people and things out, and teach me to have the right people and the right things,” a leading daily has quoted Parton as saying.

“Some people don’t have that, and that’s where it can go wrong,” she said.

Parton got to know Houston, who died last month, when the late singer covered her composition ‘I Will Always Love You’ for the soundtrack of the pop star’s movie ‘The Bodyguard’.

“I thank God every day for that song - and Whitney made it popular worldwide. It’s a very simple song, really, as simple as anything I’ve ever written,” she said.