Elton John advises George Micheal

London: Troubled singer George Michael has once again got an earful from his old friend Elton John about his drug habit.

The `Careless Whispers` hitmaker was recently released from prison after serving 27 days of an eight-week sentence for drug driving and possession of marijuana.

The 47-year-old former is believed to be in rehab for Cannabis addiction and John has some advise for him, reported Contactmusic.

"I haven`t got a thing against him. He`s a huge talent. I love him, and what he does in his life is none of my business, but he should get out more," said John.

The `Candle in The Wind` singer said that Micheal will get help, if he asks for it.

"I helped Rufus Wainwright in 2002 when crystal meth addiction had turned him temporarily blind, my guitarist Davey Johnstone, who`s now six months sober, and Eminem, two years sober. They all asked me," he said.

The two musical greats have had some verbal exchanges on this issue in the past too.

Earlier, George had claimed that he rejected John`s help and dismissed him as "an old man singing the same old songs."

The 63-year-old music legend however denied this.

"It is a myth to say, as George Michael did, that I went knocking on his door to tell him he must get help. I had a great career, but I messed up my private life doing drugs. Once you give up drugs, as I did, you assume everyone else has, but it`s more prevalent now than ever, and the drugs are particularly dangerous today," John added.