Elvis wrote `I love ya mama` on Bible

London: Elvis Presley wrote `I love ya mama` and signed his name on a Bible he possessed, after the burial of his mother on August 14th, 1958, it has emerged.

The King inscribed the note in block capitals on the last page of the holy book, following his mother’s funeral ceremony in Forest Hill Cemetery on Highway 51.

He wrote in large blue handwriting, “I love ya mama – Elvis Presley 59.”

However, David Smith, a Baptist minister, who now owns the unique edition of the King James Version, insists Presley may have never read the Bible.

“It was evidently important to Elvis, he had a Bible in every room in his house. He kept one at his bedside,” the Telegraph quoted him, as saying.

He added: “There’s a number of these Bibles around and I happened to get this one in Las Vegas, Graceland was selling memorabilia in an auction. It was a considerable sum of money.

“I had seen some and chased some but never acquired one. He had six and that’s a lot for the average family. There’s maybe three left at Graceland and two others that I’ve seen for sale.

“He purchased this Bible and in the front is a list of all his family members and their birthdays, and he’s put his uncle’s hardware store and apparently he owed his uncle some money and he’s put a reminder to pay him.

“This is 1959 he buys this Bible. His mother’s died not long since and he’s written this sweet ‘I love ya mama’ in there and where she’s buried. It’s a sentimental Bible to him.”

He continued: “You can tell when a Bible’s been read and this Bible has never been read.”

Smith will display the Bible at the annual International Christian Resources Exhibition.



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