Even cockroaches love dancing to Lady Gaga’s tunes!

Washington: A new study has found that even cockroaches like to swing their bodies when they are treated to Lady Gaga’s songs.

Four teenagers made the observations while working in an engineering program at New York``s Cooper Union. They had been studying the movement of the creepy insects by hooking them up to electrodes and then exposing them to electric pulses.

However, they soon got used to the pulses and stopped swaying their bodies when the researchers started their experiment.

They then decided to try playing music in order to stir them up.

And after a number of rock numbers of Weezer and Avenged Sevenfold, eventually it was Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ that received the roaches’ response instantly.

“The bass in Gaga`s song ‘Bad Romance’ prevented habituation since it`s not consistent,” ABC News quoted one of the experimenters as saying.


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