First authorised Jimi Hendrix biopic in the works

An official Jimi Hendrix biopic is being developed by his estate in conjunction with ICM Partners.
It will be the first authorised film that focuses on the late rocker since previous attempts to tell his story on the big screen never materialised, reportedly.

A project once pitched in by Legendary Pictures fell apart, despite having a directing commitment from Oscar-nominated Paul Greengrass and a script written by Max Borenstein, due to disapproval from Experience Hendrix LLC. Anthony Mackie was initially poised to star in it.

The authorised project will feature Hendrix`s songs like `Foxey Lady`, `The Wind Cries Mary`, `Purple Haze`, `Voodoo Chile`, and `Crosstown Traffic`.
His sister, Janie Hendrix, who`s handling the annual all-star Experience Hendrix tribute tour, will be involved in the production.

"We`re delighted to be associated with ICM Partners on this project that`s been a long time coming," she said. "Our concern has always been that any biography of Jimi that employs his music be held to the very highest standard of cinematic excellence. His musical legacy deserves no less."

"Our partners at ICM are ideal as they completely understand that the use of his music in such a film is a monumental responsibility that will resonate through generations to come as Jimi`s artistry has since the 1960s," she added.