French indie rockers in pursuit of global break

Paris: Since their underground hit "ToyBoy" in 2006, Stuck In The Sound has been the one to watch on the French indie rock scene.

The Parisian act has built a reputation at home for manic live performances, intoxicating guitar riffs, and a hard-hitting but lyrical sound that is rarely heard in French rock.

The band, which sings in English and cites Nirvana, The Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins, and Sonic Youth as key influences, will release its much-anticipated third album "Pursuit" January 30.

This could be the band`s chance to finally go global and join fellow rockers Phoenix or electronic acts Justice and Air on the select list of Gallic artists who made it big overseas.

The album cover featuring the vast horizon of a psychedelic red and pink sea sets the stage for the band`s new ambitions.

"It reflects our desire to take this album really far. It`s the dream of four kids who want to conquer the world with their songs," lead singer and guitarist Jose Reis Fontao, 29, told Reuters.

The band, which also includes guitarist Emmanuel Barichasse, 29, bassist Arno Bordas, 31, and drummer Francois Ernie, 30, was formed in 2002.

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