Gaga, Michelle Obama to pay tribute to Beyonce

London: Lady Gaga is set to pay tribute to R&B star Beyonce at Billboard Awards for having won the Billboard Millennium Award this year.

The `Judas` singer will not be the only one paying homage, as both Stevie Wonder and First Lady Michelle Obama will also pay tribute to the 16-time Grammy winner, reported Contactmusic.

Michelle Obama`s tribute is no surprise after Beyonce, 29, sang at Obama`s inauguration and had also contributed to the President`s National Education Foundation.

It is currently uncertain how Lady Gaga will pay tribute to her contemporary star but it does follow-up from their previous musical relationship where they had recorded two songs and videos for `Telephone` and `Videophone`.

Lady Gaga`s new album `Born This Way` will be released on May 23, while Beyonce`s fourth solo album `4` is due for release at the end of the month.