Gary Barlow to find stars for Diamond Jubilee acts

London: Singer Gary Barlow is being sent to America by Princes William and Harry to talk with US music stars P. Diddy and Kanye West for the Queen`s Diamond Jubilee concert at Buckingham Palace.

The 41-year-old is trying to recruit them for the event, which will take place outside Buckingham Palace in London June 4 to mark 60 years of the queen being on the throne.

He feels it is important to meet the artists face-to-face to make them feel "more engaged" in the spectacle.

"I`ve got to go to America because some of the requests I have are from the princes, so they`re acts I`ve got to follow up on. I try to meet all the artists because then they feel more engaged, they`re more in tune with what`s going on," quoted Barlow as saying.

"I know as an artist myself, often you turn up at these events and you don`t really know what they`re for, or what it`s about. It`s so vital that everybody knows how important this event is for Britain. So I`ll try to meet everybody," he added.