Geldof shares memories of Beatles

London: Irish singer Bob Geldof has revealed that the memories he has of The Beatles always leaves him feeling squeamish, as he can’t help but remember seeing girls soiling themselves in excitement.

Geldof, 58, who saw the legendary band in concert during the height of Beatlemania in the mid-1960s, said the tales of teenage girls wetting themselves over John Lennon and Paul McCartney are true.

According to Q magazine, the former Boomtown Rats singer said he saw rivers of urine running down the aisles of the venue.

“The Beatles was a case of watching females in excelsis. It’s the old cliche, but you couldn’t hear them for all the screaming,” the Daily Star quoted him as telling the mag.

“I remember looking down at the cinema floor and seeing these rivulets of p**s in the aisles.

“The girls were literally p**sing themselves with excitement. So what I associate most with The Beatles is the smell of girls’ urine,” he added.