George Michael to write songs about his near-death experience

London: George Michael is penning down a series of new songs inspired from his near death experience with pneumonia.

The 48-year-old on Monday sent a series of tweets telling songs that he is on holiday with boyfriend Fadi Fawaz at an undisclosed location in the “southern hemisphere.”

Michael was taken seriously ill while on tour in Austria and had to cancel the rest of the dates while assuring fans that he would be back to perform for them.

“Realistically, I can’t see my vocal cords being ready till the summer but then I have to think about people losing out,” the Mirror quoted him as tweeting.

“Pneumonia may have been a bastard thing to go thru but normally when I suffer you guys benefit somehow, don’t you think.

“Spent half the day trying to come up with something that rhymed with pneumonia. Best I can do is bone true, so true.

“That’s just how it goes in GM world. God’s little joke. Long may it continue,” he added.


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