Green Day planning 3,000 show tour

Los Angeles: Punk rock band Green Day are planning to play 3,000 shows in support of their new albums - `Uno`, `Dos` and `Tre`.

The `Boulevard Of Broken Dreams` hitmakers band are releasing three records in four months and said that for such an ambitious project they will have to have a suitably sized tour to match, reported a website.

"The full tour, we`ll probably do about 3,000 shows. Right now, we`re just warming up and getting ready to go out there, start swinging. The sky is the limit right now," said bassist Mike Dirnt.

Fontman Billie Joe Armstrong, who completes the band with drummer Tre Cool, also said they always keep up with new music and let it evolve the direction of their own sound.

"For us, it was always a slow Evolution through time. It was always about taking the right kind of risks. But, not trying to do something where you`re pushing too hard to try to evolve into something that you`re not.

"It takes time, and we always listen to younger bands; we really like a band called the Biters, and Best Coast. It`s just a matter of letting yourself evolve," Armstrong said.

`Uno`, `Dos` and `Tre` will be released between September and January next year.