Having lost 3 pals, Robbie Williams struggles to cope with tour

London: Singer Robbie Williams has been struggling with the death of three close friends and paid tribute to them during the ‘Take That Progress’ tour.

The singer shouted out before his performance of ‘Angels’ at Monday night’s Wembley gig.

“Monday is the sh******t night of the week,” the Sun quoted him as saying.

“It’s another week, it’s work again... and Jeremy Kyle is probably going to be s*** again,” he added.

But, before the crowd could start thinking that Robbie was about to launch into a cover of Bob Geldof’s ‘I Don’t Like Mondays’, he admitted the real reason for feeling down.

He explained: “the last few weeks have been tough for me. Three people have passed away. If you need to say a prayer, sing this song with me...”