How music saved Jennifer Hudson

London: Jennifer Hudson has revealed how music helped her cope with her life after the murder of her mother, brother and nephew and her success in ‘The American Idol’.

“I`ve been through everything, from the bottom to the top,” The Telegraph quoted Hudson as telling Insider, via phone, ahead of her first trip to Australia this weekend.

“Ever since American Idol, I`ve been on a roller-coaster that has not stopped - there`s been ups and downs and all the way round and the world has been watching me go through it.

“At times, I feel as though I``m on the outside too, wondering what turns it``s going to take, the ups and downs, and how I``m going to get through it,” she said.

However despite all the mayhem, the mother of 21-month-old David Junior admitted that music has been her saviour.

The former ‘American Idol’ finalist said: “It is my expression of me in every way, musically, personally, how I feel right now and everything. Music is my way of bottling it up and passing it along to somebody else.

Hudson, 29, had also revealed that her new album ‘I Remember Me’ reflected her life right now.

“It captures every part of me, even I Remember Me, that``s me personally, that`s how I feel about my life and my journey and where I am today, and then Feeling Good is an expression of my weight-loss journey.

“Overall it`s just the vibe of me,” she added.


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