I started writing songs because I had no friends: Taylor Swift

London: Singer Taylor Swift says she turned to music for comfort because she had no friends in school.

The `We are never ever` hitmaker, who has found global stardom for her talent in singing, said that her classmates left her isolated because they thought she was "weird and different", reported Sun online.

"When you`re dealing with something like loneliness or confusion or rejection or frustration, those emotions are so jumbled up in your head.

"For me, the only way to condense them down into one thing is to write a three-and-a-half minute song about it. I first started writing songs because I didn`t really have anyone else to talk to. As sad as that sounds, I was going through this really hard time at school where I didn`t have any friends. Songwriting for me just started out as therapy," she said.

Swift, 23, said she still uses her lyrics to vent her emotions including about ex-boyfriends.

"Choosing to let your fans into your life is a good thing because it connects you to your fans forever. Unfortunately, when you let your fans into your life through your lyrics, you`re also letting everyone else into your life. For me it`s never been something that I`ve ever regretted," she said.