I write songs from the heart, says Norah Jones

Updated: Apr 22, 2012, 17:18 PM IST

Melbourne: Norah Jones, who penned her new album ‘Little Broken Hearts’ in the wake of a tough break-up with fiction-writer boyfriend of 18 months, believes in writing songs from her heart.

The 33-year-old thinks that if she attempts at hiding something while writing, it does not sound as honest.

In the latest release, the soulful singer, who is known for her soft melodies, can be seen tapping into a darker side of herself.

“You know, s--- happens,” News.com.au quoted her as saying.

“I did go through a break-up and it was a lot of inspiration behind [the album]. It was cathartic.”

One song, ``Miriam``, mentions in no uncertain terms what she``d like to do to a boyfriend-stealing woman.

But she insisted that she not literally speaking from her experience.

“Not everything is literal. No one was killed,” she quipped.

“I didn``t mean for it to be personal, but high drama makes for a better song. I``ve learnt that if I try to hide something or self-edit when I``m writing, it doesn``t sound as honest. You want to be writing from your heart,” she added.