Janet Jackson is her family`s ‘cool auntie’

London: Janet Jackson has revealed that she is the famous family`s "cool auntie".

The singer also said that her brother Michael’s children come up to her for help when they`ve misbehaved.

The Nasty hitmaker has more than 25 nieces and nephews and admits they all see her as a confidante who acts as a peacemaker between them and their parents - and she is more than happy with the role.

"I get texts and emails all day long from them. Auntie Janet this and Auntie Janet that. I``m the aunt that they come to when they think they``re going to get in trouble,” a news daily quoted her as saying.

“You know, `I just got a tattoo, or a piercing. And my dad saw it last night and he wants to choke me! Can you talk to him, Auntie Janet?`’ she added.


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