Joe Jonas thinks debut solo album will shock ‘bubblegum pop’ fans

Washington: Joe Jonas thinks his forthcoming solo album will “shock” fans because it isn’t the “bubblegum pop” they would expect.

The ‘Jonas Brothers’ singer is preparing for the release of ‘Fast Life’ - his debut solo LP that has been described as “club-geared” - and thinks fans who are expecting “bubblegum pop” will be disappointed.

“I kind of like to shock people sometimes, because I feel like - I feel they have expectations of what I’m supposed to sound like,” Contact music quoted him as telling The Edmonton Journal.

“I figure, just pop music. Just very standard pop music.

“I’m going from Disney to a more mature record, and having that experience, I think a lot of people might think, ‘OK, this record might be a little bit bubble-gum pop,” he stated.


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