Juanes begins Spanish tour

Vigo: Colombian musician Juanes began his Spanish tour before 12,000 fans in the northwestern city of Vigo.

With precision punctuality, Juanes appeared onstage at 11 p.m. with his famous "Yerbatero", and began treating the public to a series of his biggest hits.

Among the numbers were "Nada valgo", "Camisa negra", "Volverte a ver" and "Es por ti".

Juanes knew exactly how to win over the people with his commentary between songs, and he told his fans that the city is "a special place" for him to begin his musical tour through Spain.

The Colombian artist also repeatedly encouraged his fans with shouts such as "Up with Vigo!" and "We`re here to start the party!"

Juanes` tour entourage is an impressive collection including 48 people of five nationalities, 27,000 kg of air cargo, six trailers, four tour buses, 120,000 kg of sound equipment and much more.


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