Julia Roberts big fan of Phil Collins

London: Hollywood star Julia Roberts says she was thrilled to work on "Mirror Mirror" with Lily Collins because she is a big fan of her father dad Phil.

The 44-year-old actress says she has been a fan of Phil since he was part of band Genesis as a drummer and vocalist, reported OK magazine.

"I`m in my forties. Genesis is like my youth. I love Phil," she said.

The ‘Pretty Wonman’ star also said that she is happy not to be a young actress like Lily because it is so much more difficult to deal with fame than it was in her day.
"It seemed so much easier, it made more sense. It was more kind of a gradual progression of things I think for the way the business was when I started out. But she seems to be
holding her own, she`s got no problem. This culture of meanness is new. I like my job, I`m happy at work, it`s fun and pretty extraordinary," she added.


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