Justin Bieber didn’t spit on anyone, says rep

Last Updated: Jul 30, 2013, 13:57 PM IST

Washington: Justin Bieber`s rep has slammed speculations that the teen icon was spitting on fans gathered outside his hotel balcony in Canada, insisting that the singer didn`t spit on anyone.

In the pictures previously published by TMZ.com, the Canadian pop star can be seen spitting from the top of his Toronto apartment.

But, the ` Boyfriend` hit maker`s spokesperson told Us magazine that no fans were below the balcony at the time.

The rep asserted that the gossip site superimposed photos of the fans next to Bieber on a completely different balcony to make it appear like the singer was spitting on fans when he wasn`t.

The spokesperson also insisted that earlier that very day, Bieber bought his fans hot chocolate and played them some of his new music.

The rep added that the Hollywood star loves his fans.

The rep also questioned the standard and integrity of the media and asked journalists at what point will they actually start checking their facts.