Justin Bieber should enjoy his success: Usher

London: R&B singer Usher wants Justin Bieber to enjoy his success and appreciate everything he gets to experience.

The `Scream` hitmaker, who co-manages the teenage heartthrob and has helped Bieber to become a pop sensation, said the 18-year-old singer should not worry about things which are out of his control, reported Contactmusic.

"I see him and his crazy life and just tell him to enjoy it. When I started out, things were crazy so I say to Justin, `Life is not worth it if you`re not living it. Creative people are perfectionists and obsess over things. Sometimes we need to relax and have fun`.

"So Justin, enjoy it as I went round the world three times before I decided to look up and see it. Absorbing your surroundings when you travel is so important," he said.