Kanye turns director for music video

New York: Rapper Kanye West has debuted as an actor and director with his latest project, a 34-minute long music video, starring himself.

The `Stronger` hit-maker has helmed the film which showcases his latest song `Runaway`, which is more than ten times the average length of a music video.

Sensibly he has included something to hold the attention of his fans, a near-naked underwear model, reported New York Post online.

Former Victoria`s Secret model Selita Ebanks wears nothing but feathers and a tiny set of underwear for the much hyped video.

The plot sees a comet hit West`s Lamborghini, with a beautiful injured phoenix, played by Selita, emerging from the wreckage.

The hip-hop star is seen tending to the phoenix, and in one scene takes her to a fireworks show where a marching band perform, complete with a huge floating Michael Jackson head.

The final scenes show the rapper playing drum beats to a troupe of ballerinas in a warehouse.

The 33-year-old even attempts some acting, with some dialogues in between singing.

Selita asks him, "All of the statues that we see, where do you think they came from?`

"I think artists carved them years and years ago," he replies.

"No,They are Phoenix turned to stone," she says.