Kanye’s macabre video courts debate

London: Singer Kanye West has left his fans shocked with dead models hanging from nooses around their necks in his video number ‘Monster’, which they saw on the video-sharing website YouTube.

With dismembered heads littering the floor, this is perhaps his most controversial video yet, the dailymail.co.uk reports.

The video even shows West in bed with a couple of apparently dead models, and other scenes show a woman dragging a dead male model across the floor and a couple feasting on a bloody corpse.

A comment on the video stated: "The song`s awesome, there`s no denying to that. And yes, it`s called monster so I understand all the blood and gore; I dig it."

"But there is absolutely no excuse or rational explanation for the opening scene. I am a very open-minded person when it comes to art in all its forms but dead, half naked woman hanging from nooses? You can be a `monster` without promoting human torture and acting like it`s no big deal."

This isn`t the first time the singer has invited debate over a video.

Last year, he was forced to remove a graphic video featuring a sex scene and self-mutilation scene from his website.