Kate Moss vetoes fiance`s album title

London: Supermodel Kate Moss`s fiance, `The Kills` frontman Jamie Hince had to change the name of his upcoming album, `Sex Tapes`, after his lady love deemed it unsuitable.

The 37-year-old model who will tie the knot with the rocker on July 2, did not like the naughty title and Hince and bandmate Alison Mosshart changed it to `Blood Pressures`, reported Sun online.

"Kate told him that it would be taken the wrong way and she did not like it at all so they decided on another name," said a source close to the couple.

"We were going to call the album Sex Tapes. It would have fitted perfectly because it`s about rock`n`roll, relationships, the sweat and the dirt. But we`d have got so much stick," said the frontman in an interview with Q magazine.

The couple who have been together for the past three years, had earlier fallen out after Moss place her ex-boyfriend Jefferson Hack in the front row at their wedding.