Ke$ha is a huge fan of Rihanna

Melbourne: It looks like Ke$ha is a huge fan of R&B singer Rihanna.

Ke$ha has said that although she would like to work with anyone from Mick Jagger, Prince, David Bowie, singer Rihanna holds a special place.

"But also I’d be as honoured to share a song with Rihanna as I’m honoured to share her stage during our concert tour," the Daily Telegraph quoted Ke$ha as telling PerezHilton.

"I don’t know what she would be learning from me, aside from how to look like a maniac, but I definitely learned a lot from her.

"I’ve only been performing pop music for under a year, so I’m relatively new to the arena thing.

"It’s terrifying, so I really do, every night, watch her, and she’s so graceful and so sweet and so badass.

"I saw her yesterday, and she spanked me - always keeping me on my toes. She’s the sickest," she said.



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