Kenny Rogers honored with `Through the Years` exhibit at Country Music Hall of Fame

Washington: Country Music Hall of Fame recently honored Kenny Rogers with an amazing new exhibit called `Through the Years`.

Proof of Rogers`s grooviness can be seen at the exhibit, which depicts a biographical look at the singer`s storied life and career, a magazine reported.

Also on display are several cases containing artifacts, costumes, awards, sheet music, scripts, photographs and memorabilia that date back to the 75-year-old singer`s 1950s performing debut with `The Scholars` in his hometown of Houston.

`Through the Years` will be running from Aug. 15 to June 14 at the hall. Rogers, a 2013 inductee into the Country Music Hall of Fame, is also the subject of a new book of the same title with an introduction by his longtime friend and duet partner Dolly Parton.