Kyle Sandilands claims he’s behind Lady Gaga’s success

Melbourne: Radio jock Kyle Sandilands, one of the judges on Aussie version of ‘The X Factor’, has claimed that he is solely responsible for launching the career of international pop star, Lady Gaga.

"I was the first person to hit play on a CD of a Lady Gaga song (on radio) anywhere in the world," quoted him as telling The Courier-Mail.

"It took off here (Australia) and then New Zealand, bled through Asia, into Europe and I think we were on our third or fourth single before America even rebut her first song and put a rap in it and said, `We`ll give it a go`.

Sandilands said he first heard Lady Gaga`s hit album The Fame in a "record guy`s car" while in America.

"I was like `who`s this?` and he said, `Some Lady Gaga, Radio Gaga or something`, and I was like, `Every single song on this is like a hit song``; he was like, `That`s what I think but radio`s just not interested, it hasn`t taken off," he said.

“Her album was out for like six months. No one in America was playing it.

Australians were the first people to really break her. I was the first person to play her," he added.


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