Kylie Minogue finally comfortable with her voice!

Melbourne: So far, she never felt content with the way she sang on live shows but finally Kylie Minogue has come to terms with herself as now she has been feeling comfortable both with her singing as well as with her live performance.

It is hard to imagine she’s ever been feeling anything but fearless, magnetic, and self-assured in her new show, ‘Aphrodite: Les Folies 2011’.

“This is who I am; the voice that comes out of my mouth is my voice, don’t expect to come and hear Etta James because it is not going to happen,” a website quoted Minogue, who just turned 43, as saying.

“I used to be so so stressed about that, especially being given such a hard time over and over again. It’s good to feel comfortable after so many years of that being one of the negative focuses,” she added.


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