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Kylie Minogue remains in fine form

London: On her latest album, ‘Aphrodite,’ Minogue channels the Greek goddess of love as she sings about love and lovers and being loved.

No one will ever accuse Minogue of digging too terribly deep into the human condition for her material: Her touch is light and here again she glides amiably over matters of the heart. There`s nothing in her lyrics or artistic approach that will uncover something that might bring the mood down on the dance floor.

Songs like ‘Cupid Boy’ and ‘Can`t Beat the Feeling’ are alive with a club feel that would find a home in any throbbing disco from the late 1970s to present. It is, however, Minogue`s vocal expression that gives the tracks sensuality and verve. It`s sweet enough to satisfy a glib car commute to the office, but Minogue`s maturity keeps things from digressing into the banal bubble-gum brand of pop.

Sure, there are some weak links here. The title track ‘Aphrodite’ boasts a dated drum track with an almost military cadence that grates on the ears. "Everything is Beautiful" is another straggler. ‘And now I`m travelling at such blissful speed/No need to think at this velocity,’ Minogue sings, trying to convince us that not dwelling on the past will propel you magically to a brighter tomorrow, or some such fluff.

Aside from that, ‘Aphrodite’ is a solid outing for Minogue, and several of the tracks will only get better in the hands of expert remixers.

Check this track out: ‘Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love)’ picks the pace up with its thumping bass and a recurring crescendo that is hands-in-the-air worthy. Somewhere on Ibiza there`s a dance floor waiting for this song to come on.

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