Kylie Minogue to return to acting

London: Australian pop princess Kylie Minogue has revealed she is currently selecting new acting roles and insists her previous cinematic flops shouldn`t count against her.

The `Fever` singer, who shot to fame after appearing in Australian TV serial drama "Neighbours" for three years until 1989, is currently considering offers to return to the big screen and doesn`t believe her previous flop movies will stop her achieving cinematic success this time around, reports

Kylie, who has appeared in films such as "Street Fighter" and "The Delinquents", said: "The mid-1990s were a bad patch, but show me an actor who hasn`t done a few bad jobs."

"I have a deep desire to challenge myself with that again. As a `pop star`, I`ve created this world for myself, and it becomes very natural to stay inside of it, but I`d love to do some independent films. It`s still very early, but I`m in the process of choosing between specific parts," she added.

Despite her worldwide success, the "Wow" hitmaker insists she is still ambitious, but never likes to let people know what she wants to achieve next.

"`I have big ambitions, but I`m really quiet about it. What`s that saying? `Never let people know how much you know`," she said.



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