Kylie transforms into Greek goddess for album

Sydney: Perfecting every character – a girl next door, a fashion plate and a club minx – with a style of her own, Kylie Minogue is back with a bang in a new avatar for her new album.

The Australian pop star has transformed herself into the character of the Greek goddess of love, beauty and sexuality, Aphrodite, for the launch of her album of the same name.

The sexy lead single, ‘All the Lovers’, officially released this week, already popular with fans.

Rumour has it that she may even tour Australia to promote the album.

“For me, the most exciting part of this is still performing and the energy from that . . . I really want to do a festival," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Minogue as saying.

The star claims her inspiration for one great makeover after another is Madonna.

"Madonna`s the queen of pop, I`m the princess.

"I`m quite happy with that. Her huge influence on the world, in pop and fashion, meant that I wasn`t immune to the trends she created. But in the beginning, she made it difficult for artists like me; she had done everything there was to be done."

Minogue rocked the stage with her earlier makeovers in ‘Confide in Me’, and ‘I Should Be So Lucky’ and she admits that they came out as an expression of how she felt at the time.

"If I parallel my private life to my career, there`s a reason for all of those changes," she said.

"I was the girl next door, then I was rebelling, then I was vamping it up. It`s all what I was feeling at the time. I can be a little embarrassed about it but that`s part of growing up in public."

Minogue describes her new album ‘Aphrodite’ as ‘euphoric pop’.

"It is a very lean album," she said.

"There is nothing spare, nothing unnecessary and absolutely no fat at all. My favourite song is Aphrodite, the title track. There`s a lyric about me being fierce, which I like."



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