Lady Gaga is ‘true original’: Marina

New York: New York based Yugoslavian performance artist Marina Abramovic has nothing but praise for Poker Face singer Lady Gaga, saying that she is a “true original”.

Abramovic, 64, was at a preview of the Manchester International Festival when she revealed that she was very impressed with Gaga, 25.

“I really appreciate her,” a daily quoted Abramovic, who has put herself in extreme danger for her art, as saying.

“You never see this from any of these other pop artists,” Abramovic said at the Park Avenue Armory.

Gaga’s meat dress and her Grammys egg entrance are kids’ stuff compared to the time Abramovic lay passively next to a table of pleasure- and harm-inducing objects, such as a pistol and single bullet, and allowed the crowd to have its way with her.

But the performance artist observed that Gaga endures a certain amount of self-induced torture, too.

“These costumes she creates are not easy to walk in. Ask somebody else to walk in these shoes with the heels in the front and there’s nothing in the back, hopping around,” Abramovic said appreciatively.

When asked if she thought Gaga was more original than Michael Jackson or Madonna, she responded that though she considered each a “genius”, Gaga is “more extreme” and a “true original”.


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