Lady Gaga`s `Judas` video cost USD 10 million

Updated: May 13, 2011, 11:08 AM IST

London: Lady Gaga`s latest video `Judas`, which sees her as a modern couture wearing Mary Magdalene, cost a whopping USD 10 million.

The controversial seven-minute video loaded with biblical imagery became expensive thanks to the lavish costumes and sets, reported E! Online.

Co-directed by Gaga along with choreographer Laurianne Gibson, the video starred Walking Dead`s Norman Reedus, who was cast as Judas.

The video re-imagines Jesus and his disciples as a biker gang and features an `electro chapel`, a gothic night club where he holds sway.

Gaga is going all out to promote the single and her latest album `Born This Way`, which will be released on Facebook.

The Grammy winning artiste is currently in Cannes and performed `Judas` on the French Riviera dressed as a matador.