Lil Wayne releases new album from jail

Los Angeles: Rapper Lil Wayne, who is serving a prison sentence for criminal possession of a weapon, has released his new album `I Am Not A Human Being` from behind bars.

It is the rapper`s eighth studio album and follows up his 2010 record `Rebirth`, which despite drawing largely negative reviews from the press, went gold in the US. "Making the album was totally fun, because I love recording.

That`s what I love to do, next to breathing. I made sure I had some material before I came in here to release while I was in here", said the 28-year-old rapper in an interview to MTV from prison.

Wayne, who still has several months left to serve, also spoke about the amount of fan mail he has received since being in prison. "When I read those letters, that fan mail, and see what they say about what my music does for them, and how it helped them through situations .

to read that, that makes me take my words and my whole outlook on what I``m doing a lot more seriously," he said. In July 2007, police arrested Wayne in New York City after he was found to be smoking marijuana near his tour bus following a performance at the Beacon Theatre.

Authorities later discovered that the rapper was carrying a .40 caliber pistol.

After a delay in the trial, the rapper was eventually sentenced to a year in prison in March 2010, but said that he hopes to be released on November 4th.