Lionel Richie can`t record without hat

London: American musician Lionel Richie says he is superstitious and wears one of his favourite hats in the studio while recording.

The 62-year-old `Dancing on the Ceiling` singer says he is very particular when it comes to laying down his vocals, reported Contactmusic.

"I can`t record a song unless I have a special hat on my head. That`s probably the strangest thing about me. I have my charmed hats that I have to have before I can record. It`s either a beanie or it`s a tennis hat. We all have our things, " he said.

Richie went from being sharp dressed and cool in the 70s with The Commodores to having a slightly less fashionable image in the 80s, but he says he was happy about that.

"I`ve got to be honest with you, `cool` and `hip` were the two words I wanted to stay away from. I was looking more for something like `standard`, which is considered a bad word.

"When you think of certain songs, you don`t think of what year it came out. It doesn`t matter because everybody is singing it.

And I wanted to have a standard song like that. The thing that scared me about being cool was it meant that I was cool today. And tomorrow I`m uncool," he added.