Lohan`s new song leaked online

Updated: May 10, 2010, 15:00 PM IST

New York: In more Lindsanity, a new music track by the singer/actress has been leaked online. Lohan alleged that someone is leaking her tracks and that it’s not her.

"i don`t know who, but someone keeps leaking my tracks! i can assure everyone, it is NOT me," The New York Daily News quoted Lohan as writing on Twitter on Friday.

“I`ve decided to do a music video rather than...let my tracks just go to waste...need some time to choose a director and such* in regards to "can`t stop".”

Lohan took a break from recording a year after she began working on her third album after signing with Universal Motown in 2007

The release of ‘Can`t’ - and the single ‘Stuck’ earlier this year - suggest Lohan may be back on track and if so, will have to juggle her time between the music studio and the sets.

Her next movie projects include Robert Rodriguez``s ‘Machete’ where her role is that of a gun-happy socialite, and ‘Deep Throat’, where she will play porn star Linda Lovelace.