Madonna’s Brit fans walk out of `worst ever’ gig

Updated: Jul 19, 2012, 16:44 PM IST

London: Madonna’s fans staged a walk out at the pop queen’s London gig in a protest against “her worst show ever.”

Disgusted followers left Hyde Park before the concert had finished, fuming at the 53-year-old singer’s performance.

Some people moaned that they could not hear while others said that the Queen of Pop had slaughtered her own back catalogue.

The ‘Like a Virgin’ hit maker had even forgotten where she was performing and thanked Poland during an interval.

Some of those in the 50,000-strong crowd took to social networking sites to blast the diva.

“Worst gig I have ever seen,” the Daily Star quoted one fan as tweeting.

Another said: “I mourn those vintage Madonna days where potty mouth and violent imagery wasn’t necessary.”

“When Madonna has concerts in her 50s where she strips herself on stage, you know her career is as dead as myspace,” Claire Whitaker wrote on Twitter.

The pop star’s management had even failed to sell all the tickets for the gig, the first UK stage of her MDNA tour, with fans put off by the 77-pound price.

Strict curfews at the park ruled that all sound had to be shut off by 10.30pm, while the flat standing room area meant many fans could not see.

One reviewer said of Madonna’s first UK gig in four years that the venue was definitely the problem.

“Hyde Park’s volume limit due to it being a residential area meant the sound never packed a punch, while its flat terrain saw scores of people building mounds out of wood chips to catch a glimpse,” the reviewer said.

Music fans had been also put off when she left out a lot of her older hits and gave others a new treatment.

“Like A Virgin as a slowed down waltz didn’t really strike a chord,” One fan said.

Celebrity guests at the gig included Kylie Minogue, George Michael, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and U2 star Adam Clayton.