Max George teams up with Flo Rida for solo number

Los Angeles: Singer Max George, member of English-Irish band The Wanted, has said that he collaborated with rapper Flo Rida on a solo project.

George said that he recorded the song with the 34-year-old rapper in the US earlier this year, reports

Asked if the group are doing any further solo work, he said: "We`re doing little bits here and there and I recorded a song in America a couple of months ago with another artist."

"I actually did a song with Flo Rida - the rap in it`s hilarious," George added.

Even his bandmate Nathan Sykes recorded a duet with his girlfriend Ariana Grande earlier this year.

The Wanted have just released their latest album "Word of Mouth", which charted at number nine earlier this month and the band have defended the record.